About TELELINK Company

Company Fact Sheet

®     Established in 2011.

®     TeleLink is a specialized & dedicated professional operation concentrating its activities on;

o   Mobile Telecommunications Services,

o   Smart Phones & Tablets,

o   Mobile Telecommunications Accessories.

®     We built our reputation and professionalism through hard work, dedication and adherence to innovation and creativity.

®     We are bringing our wealth of knowledge and expertise to the service of both our customers and consumers.

®     Our strong relationships with our customers are the foundation of our future growth.


®     Our Long-term success requires a total commitment to exceptional standards of; performance & productivity, to working together effectively, and to our willingness to embrace new ideas & to learn continuously.


TeleLink aspires to be The Leading Palestinian Supplier of Mobile Telecommunications Services to everyone, everywhere at everyday to make peoples’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

Mission Statement

To Deliver Managed Mobile Telecommunication Services tailored to the needs of our customers, consumers and businesses across the Palestinian Market that enhance daily lives by Making Mobile Telecommunication More Accessible, More Versatile and Always a Rewarding & Convenient Experience, through our longstanding commitment to manage our operations responsibly and ethically.

Our Main Responsibilities


Obey the Law


Honor Relationships


Customer Centric


Do What is Right


Everyone is Accountable


Build One Team


Contribute to Community and Quality of Life


Be Profitable


Challenge Status Quo

Strategic Objectives

Ø  Maintain TeleLink’s leading position as “Supplier of Choice” for Wataniya Telecommunication Services.

Ø  Build Customers’ Value by delivering the right bundle of benefits (Services) at the right price compared to our competition.

Ø  Build demand through customer collaboration; by enhancing the relationships we have with our trade partners to achieve success for their consumers.

Ø  Develop our product portfolio to better align with key customer and consumer trends, and the fastest-growing channels.

Ø  Sustain and develop our marketing, sales, services and support to unbeatable levels with the highest Customers’ & Consumers’ satisfaction measures.

Ø  Develop existing infrastructures through the use of advanced information and communication technologies, more advanced organization and better business vehicles.

Ø  Drive out costs and enhance assets by creating a leaner cost structure to better use our assets to generate savings for a more profitable operation.

Distribution Areas

Distribution Areas are geographically separated into the following zones taking into consideration the existing geopolitical complications, ease of goods delivery and Telelink Customers’ Service Standards:

  • West Bank
    • Northern Zone;
      • Nablus
      • Jenin
      • Tubas
      • Tulkarem
      • Salfit
      • Qalqiliya
    • Central Zone;
      • Ramallah & Al Bireh
      • Jericho
      • Jerusalem (J2)
    • Southern Zone;
      • Bethlehem
      • Hebron
    • Gaza Strip – North, center & Southern Zones (Coming Soon….)

West Bank Map