About Honeywell

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions provides comprehensive solutions that enhance workplace safety and incident response, improve enterprise performance and enable greater product design innovation. Customers rely on Honeywell’s connected solutions to provide real-time safety intelligence, increase worker productivity and enrich operational intelligence with data-driven insights. Honeywell serves customers in aerospace, automotive, commercial building, first responder, field service, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, power and utilities, medical, retail, supply chain, test & measurement and transportation markets.​

Relationship between Telelink and Honeywell

TeleLink is the exclusive agent and distributor of Honeywell products and services in the Palestinian Territories. The main products distributed by TeleLink are divided into 3 divisions: Mobile and desktop Printers, Mobile Computers and Barcode Scanners.

The relationship between TeleLink and Honeywell International aims to develop and increase the productivity of workers and companies in Palestine in various fields, including retail, logistics, field services, supply and other services that require high-efficiency Honeywell products to facilitate and Develop their work.

About Ooredoo

Formerly known as Wataniya Mobile, Ooredoo Palestine launched its commercial services in November 2009 in the West Bank, and since then its priority has been to satisfy subscribers by providing the best services and programs to them using latest technology. Its vision, values and mission have been designed to meet the needs of subscribers in the best way possible.

The company’s long-standing experience in mobile communications, developed by Ooredoo in many countries around the world, provides Ooredoo in Palestine with the highest standards of mobile service and an ideal coverage for subscribers.

Ooredoo products and services distributed through Telelink are:

  • SIMs: There are three types of these SIMs are
    • Shababi SIM: SIMs are reserved for young people aged 16-25, call and 3G services costs less than a other SIMs and programs.
    • Unified SIM: SIM for all ages and these are the best-selling and widespread SIMs.
    • Blank SIM: SIMs that do not have a certain number and are used in case of losing a old SIM (Number) or choosing a certain number (offers from Ooredoo) to transfer the previous SIM number to this SIM
  • E-Topup electronic recharge.
  • E-voucher recharge.
  • Scratch Cards.

Relationship between Telelink and Ooredoo

In mid-2011, the story began with Telelink and Ooredoo, Telelink was one of the distributors of Ooredoo products and services in Palestine. Now, Telelink is the largest distributor and agent of Ooredoo in Palestine. Ooredoo’s products and services are distributed to more than 3000 points of sale throughout Palestinian Authority . Thirteen representatives of Telelink Company cover all areas of the Palestinian Authority and provide all points of sale with all Oredo services.

OALE is a high-tech communication enterprise with its main production base in Shenzhen, China, specialized in research and development, sales and service

Relationship between Telelink and OALE

TeleLink is the main agent and the only distributor of OALE products in Palestine. TeleLink has an exclusive contract for the distribution and maintenance of OALE devices in all areas of Palestine.